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The Art of Coffee

Black Cat Coffee House connects with local artists to help showcase their artwork and music. Check out their work at the bottom of the page!

Coffee & Espresso Drinks

Blender and two Drinks
Cafe Latte
Cafe Latte

The perfect blend of Espresso and your Choice of milk. We keep a consistent ratio of Espresso to milk with 2, 3, and 4 shots in our small, medium and large, respectively. Can be hot or iced.

Blended Drinks
Blended Coffee

fine ground flavored coffee with ice and your choice of milk blended together for a smooth consistency

Cafe au Lait
Cafe Au Lait

This is a half blend of hot or iced coffee and your choice of milk

Cold Brew Coffee
Coffee & Cold Brew

you know, just like that cup of joe at work but made with fresh locally roasted beans, perfect grind and equipment to obtain the right water to coffee ratio.

Nitro Coffee
Nitro Cold Brew

This is a Bold, smooth cold brew coffee infused with Nitrogen to produce a creamy head.

French Press
French Press

Is a Course ground coffee forced through water by a mechanical plunger. makes for a bold coffee flavor.


The best Espresso deluted with water to give a similar taste of a drip coffee

Espresso Macchiato

The most Italian style macchiato comes with 2, 3 or 4 Espresso shots with a topping of foamed milk in a small cup.


The perfect blend of Espresso, milk and milk-foam.